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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 2, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EST

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he picked all of us. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. >> i hope so. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld in for jack gray son. our hopes and prayers are with zach's family. although i am pretty sure he is dead. let's go to tv's andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show, old sport. >> i missed you america. 0* tonight's episode of mitt and newt, mitt runs away with the florida primary, but newt remains defiant. and who knows what their wacky neighbor is up to. and does a new gal lop poll show president obama? and would you give up sex for one month if somebody would
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pay your bills for six months? so by that math somebody owes me for my bills for three months. i missed you, america. coming up on the big show, on tonight ace episode, mitt runs away with the florida primary, but newt remains defiant. and who knows what ron paul was up to. and there was a new gal lop poll for president obama? some say yes, but others say hells yeah. would you give up sex for six months if somebody paid your bills for one month? happy groundhog day, greg? >> happy groundhog day to you, andy. >> coming up on the big show -- >> that's enough. go away. let's welcome our guest. she is hotter than a lava lamp wearing a parka at a six-alarm fire. i am here with fox newschannel anchor and yes, men, she is single. >> you had to do it. >> i had to. >> he is the dude behind the
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don. >> the executive producer. and his life coach committed suicide. it is bill schulz. and he has more guns than a texas pawnshop. sitting next to me, the co-host of the -- >> that has happened. >> i call it the opiny, the opie and anthony show. and our new york times correspondent. >> the arts and leisure files, a transformation of the kama sue trough. the guide to all things woopie includes new positions like the dangling monkey and, of course, hotel for dogs. >> that sounds nice. >> it is all very graphic. >> all right then. >> well, fla didn't go his way. he didn't rate in the sunshine state. gingrich hit a ditch in florida on tuesday night with romney dropping the bomney.
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after the drumming the former speaker conceited defeat striking a more humble tone. >> if you help us in addition to winning the presidency, we elect a republican senate and a republican house, and i will ask them on january 3rd to stay in office, and i will ask them to immediately pass the repeal of obama care. >> i guess i forgot what humble means. well, then he added this. >> my goal is to have all three bills sitting there waiting so the minute i am sworn in i can sign all three and we are off to a pretty good opening morning. all this will happen about two hours after the inaugural address. >> i have three bills waiting for me at home. and newt then listed five other achievements for his first day in the white house, but i stopped listening. after booting newt, romney
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grew con testimony play tiff. i wonder if he thought he was in this because he cares about americans and not concerned -- and not concerned about the poor because we have a safety net there. >> i am not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair i will fix it. i am not concerned about the very rich. they will do just fine. i am concerned about the heart of america. the 90-95% of americans who are struggling. >> there are lots of very poor americans who are struggling who would say that sounds odd. can you explain that? >> finish this sentence, i said i am not concerned about the very poor that has a safety net, but if it has holes in it, i hillary pair them. -- i will repair them. >> nailed it. the race is six months from over, but perhaps there is a quicker way to pick a nominee. >> okay, ted de, time to tell everybody who will win super bowl 46. will it be the giants or the patriots?
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looks like it is the new york giants according to teddy. >> it is good to see bob working again. >> anthony, was romney's thing about the poor a gap or pure honesty? >> i like it. they are trying to make a big thing out of it. the truth of the matter is you want to cater to the majority of the country and that is the middle class and not catering to adjust the very poor. that's what he was saying. every morning when i wake up i don't see any poor people. i look out my window and not a poor person to be found. >> by that logic, they don't exist. >> if you pay the hooker, so well. she is not struggling. >> didn't romney commit the biggest sin of all in the eyes of the media by saying he didn't care? you are supposed to care. >> he did. we all know what he meant. the poor have the safety nets and all. but still he made that -- it was that gotcha moment. it would be like saying i don't care about israel
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defending itself against terrorists. and then they said, i don't care about israel. romney hates jews. that's a cardinal sin. he should know better. earlier on "the five" have some coffee in the morning before you do these stupid shows. wake up. >> the problem is being a mormon you are not allowed to drink coffee. don't do stuff in the morning. you wouldn't know what a morning is. >> that's not true at all, greg. >> let's talk about newt for a minute. >> let her finish the sentence, greg. she changed a lot so she even does less drugs. >> stop it. it is getting completely awkward. >> newt didn't call romney to concede florida. was that wrong? is newt acting peach lent? >> i think his advisors are brilliant to tell him -- what? concession? what loss? he is like, that never happened last night. or tonight.
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we are moving forward and ahead. we're going, going, going. >> when he said -- he said there were 45 states to go. that's like telling a really, really fat kid there are 45 lapse to go. nobody is going hooray45 more states like this. >> this guy is selfish and classless and diluted. do lewded. it won't be the election, he will be like the japanese ole yes, sir on the pacific island still fighting the fight and going after mitt romney. the fight is over i. >> i like the angry guy. >> the best "gilligan's island where they found the soldier. or was it the tarzan guy? i want to play a tape. i want to get your responses. let's roll some tape.
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>> my question to you is what constitutes violence? just because you throw something and it is light and airy, that is nonviolent? >> yes. that is fabulous. he looked like a mormon disco ball. i loved it. as far as newt is concerned, two hours after the inauguration, i will tell you exactly what he will be doing two hours after the inauguration, sitting on his lounger and eating little debbie snack cakes and trolling through ashley madison .com. that's what he will be doing. >> so angry. >> and also, i didn't know the poor have a safety net. why do they get the safety net? do they get to strap squirrels so they can cook and eat them. i want a safety net. i don't make much money. >> that would be great if you did sell a safety net. >> divee them off to the
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homeless. >> you can ?air people with them. >> you are sympathetic to newt. >> i think that was a brilliant strategy. forget about what happened. he may be dilution will a, but he is trying to finish his way -- >> i can't wait until january 20h and see the man at the front gate arguing with the guy to get a u haul. >> i like that style. >> mitt romney is the perfect candidate. he is like the tom brady of the republican party. and newt gingrich is like the angry ben rapist burger. why would they want this guy? >> on that note, cash dash. >> sometimes relationships end, people. >> now i get it. now i get it. you can see a little newt in you. >> let's not go there. >> he was talking about your
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love of deep space. >> place -- please move on. from polls to bowls, does snoop support ending the fed or drugs that mess with your head? the rapper seemed to endorse ron paul after posting a pic of the candidate on his facebook page along with the headline "smoke weed every day." despite the use of quotation marks "red eye" was on able to pin this on him. the quasi endorsement is probably because of the paul's pro pot stance. paul's stone supporters were thrilled with one commenting on the facebook pick, what one paul sneaks snoop dogg smokes. let's do to baby snow monkey with the snow munchies. >> does it taste good?
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>> wait five years and that thing will rip your head off. i am talking about the woman, not the adorable money cee. the adorable monkey will be fine for the rest of its life. >> is this an endorsement of ron paul or drugs? >> i don't think it is. i don't think it is about the weed thing. i think you are putting my boy ?oob here in the box. snoop's upside your head as far as i'm saying. i happen to know that snoop dogg is against the fed. the whole song about "drop it like it's hot" it is dropping the fed. i know it is a policy thing. it is not just about the drugs. he is not a single issue dude is what i'm saying. >> i look at him differently now. >> you were saying before the show that you not only plan to vote for ron paul, but you wanted to, quote, but the green in the green room. >> have you been smoking weed?
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i don't remember saying that. i could have been high though. >> yes, you could have blacked out. >> by the way, -- >> enough with this. it is water. >> i'm sorry. >> the snoop thing? my thoughts? i was driving through san francisco a lot recently because i had a boy there. i saw the ron paul signs, and that is an unusual thing to see in san francisco, a place like san francisco. but people like you hang out there. this is the first time you will have when you go out and say who will you vote for? they all say ron paul. >> here is the thing that bugs me. it is people like snoop that makes drug legalization
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impossible. "it is great. get high every day." if you did that with booze during prohibition, yes, we need to make booze legal so i can be drunk every day. as long as they treat drugs as a joke and it is funny and cool, it will never be legalized. >> i always preach moderation. you can see some of that on the outings of this very program. i think the snoop thing is so -- is he trying to be outrageous? he is so far away from outrageous. when he started doing commercials on everything for the earth? yo-ta-z mobile. he is just not that outrageous anymore. to me it is not like, oh, he is -- >> all of the pop artists are doing that. ice cube does family movies. ice t plays a cop. the guy who wrote "cop killer."
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>> i just saw snoop on a commercial for how to shrink your priz-nostate. >> if old dirty bastard was alive he would endorse gingrich. >> he is in a weird predicament. the moment he started toe cussing on the legalization of -- focus on the legalization of drugs that's all anybody would ask him. he is forced to talk about that, and he hates it. all of the people that are really into him are the big time drawingies. drugies. those are his most passion national supporters. >> a millionaire can say "smoke weed every day." he is not like a freelance i.t. worker who misses a day of would, and then has to move home. >> or a crane operator. >> his drug requires -- his job requires he smokes weed. it is a luxury not all of us
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can have. from winning snoop to getting the boot. will obama be removed? the president's approval rating is 10% in 10 states in the district of columbia wherever that is. that's like one in a thousand. connecticut, new york and obama's own home nation of hawaii. as the examiners note, even if you take those 10 states and add in the states where the approval rating is below 50%, but higher than the disapproval, it is not cheeky for the chief. that's because even if he carries all of the states he will lose the electoral votes 323-215 which by michael claition seems to be quite a lot. can obama win in november? and more importantly, can anyone beat this table in a match?
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>> oh my god. >> i would say that is a no. a lot could change between now and november. >> yes, thanks for stealing my talking point greg. >> what do you mean? i am asking you a question. >> go ahead. >> wow, you are cantankerous. >> i am that too. please, ask your question. >> no wonder she's single. >> will his numbers pick up if the economy picks up? >> yes. what is it, nine months? >> to make a baby. >> i wouldn't know that. >> i didn't mean to bring it down there. you are taking what we are giving in a weird way. >> it ain't over until it is over, baby. >> anthony, as a long-time obama supporter does this make you nervous?
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i am starting to think i have amnesia. i can't buy into any of these polls. we are being inundated with the poll results that change on a daily basis, and i don't know whether people don't have any attention span. they change their mind within 24 hours and they are polling the guy. no one can stick to one thing now. they change every day. i am going to wait until election day. >> very good. the thing is, i don't think this shows. it is a map based on a poll. you candice like obama -- you can dislike obama and hate romney more. >> if the economy gets better of course he will get elected. he plays the class warfare card like nobody else. he sings al green. she was charming. 9 best hope we have is mitt romney. he has a classy wife who is ill and he stayed with her.
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she a rich guy. he could do for us what he did for himself, perhaps. >> she attractive. >> he is is a tom brady of the republican party. he is the best hope we have. obama will be tough to beat. >> i agree. bill you have been analyzing political races since the 1950s. what do you make of this? >> in the same survey they said his numbers are down in hawaii. i speak for every american who says who cares what they think about him in the home country of hawaii? they can't even vote. by that rational he is an illegal president. >> that is true. >> you have read my blog. >> i have read your blog. everybody says he is from kenya, but he is from hawaii which is a different state. >> have you to be connected to the country to be a state. >> exactly. no borders there. if there are no borders there is no way you can i'm ma -- immigrate. right? >> yes. what happens if you check out a radio exclusive's home
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1234* and then, i will shoot you in the face and then laugh when you die. the americans want a new candidate to enter the race. we sent bill to find out. sadly he came back. >> can i ask you a couple quick questions about the election? can i have some of your lunch? are you not going to eat all that.
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all right, welcome back. did mitt's victory song produce nothing but a yawn? well according to a recent rase muss son -- rassmusson survey they would like to see another enter the race. and polls reflected a similar sense of meth in florida with 38% of primary goers say theg
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were not satisfied with the field. they said they would like someone else to run. armed with this very info and very little clothing, "red eye" hit the streets because that's where the people at. >> now, there is a new poll that says 30% of gop voters would like a third candidate. do you agree? >> yes, i do. >> who would be your candidate of choice? >> i think mitt has like ups and downs. he is more liberal. >> let me help you with this. >> don't take that the wrong way. >> someone else to vote for other than romney. if you have it you need penicillin.
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i'm talking about romney. do you have gone rhea? >> no. >> how about chris -- chris christie. he looks like a big villain. >> i like what he says about the school systems and more conservative. >> you know what i like about where he stands? there is always a lot of shade. up top. chris christie it sounds president will a or somebody who runs a candy store. come on out, kids, it is chris christie's candies. thank you for agreeing with me. excuse me. can i ask you a couple quick questions? the scarf doesn't fit you. can i do a rating with you? i have a couple of write in candidates that are lesser known. do you, a, recognize them, b, would you vote for them? take a look. do you recognize that person? >> no. >> that is andy levy. he is the editor in chief of
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"cat fancy." >> his eyes creep me out a little bit. >> do you recognize this person? >> yes. but i can't think of his name. >> that is brett bier. >> that is greg gutfeld. do you recognize that name? >> no. he looks like a creep. >> well, he looks less creep ethan the other guys. >> do you recognize this guy? >> yes, but his name doesn't come to mind. >> that is billy zane. you can be blasay about some things, rose, but not titanic. what is the movie? >> "titanic." >> no, it is "home alone." >> you can be blasa about some things, rose, but not titanic. i kind of gave it away. >> that's right, batman forever. appreciate it. >> i think you should grow the hair back. >> i don't think he can. >> billy zane needs row gain. any final words? >> no, kisses to new york.
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>> kisses to, no. new york kisses you right back. all over of the. >> well, if we have learned anything today, the american voter is not sure what they want. snoop dogg snows exactly what he -- knows exactly what he wants. and i think i know what i want. don't be insane! vote for zane. don't be silly vote for billy. bald is beautiful. bald is beautiful. >> i'm billy zane and i approve this message. >> i think we learned something from this package. >> this poll is interesting and discouraging. my feeling is, anthony, that the lack of enthusiasm is like the rest of us, they are not following it yet. >> well, i think the media will take anybody that is running and put them under the microscope. any new guy you throw in is going to be the exciting new guy. i think they would lead for a week, and then that would be the end of that. i think there was a poll that said 75% of voters if the
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election were held had to would say it is not even election day. >> that's a good . very knowledgeable. bernie, what do you think? does that depress you? >> yes, it does. indeed it does. for us in the media it is great. for example, i dislike newt gingrich. glad he is staying in the race for us. if donald trump got in, we would have -- you know, it would be a field day for us. but the voters are so ignorant and stupid. it is dissolutioning. there is no hope. there is no way to convey to them that we are in debt and in deep doo-doo. there is no way we can pick up on it. obama can sing about al green. >> we are easily charmed as a culture. aren't we? >> i have only known you for 15 years. michelle obama went on ellen degeneres today.
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that does -- charming works. >> i think romney is charming. i think newt has a certain rm cha. >> i think chris christie is charming in his own evil man way. he's my gov so i find him -- i like him. >> is gov a euphemism for something? >> governor. >> what chris christie has done for the fat man -- >> you are right. if chris christie wore three piece suits and had a -- what do they call it a fob? a watch fob and a walking cane and a hat and maybe a monical he would get 99% of the vote. >> and spoke with a british accent. >> he would win across all factions. >> very taft like. >> all right. enough. >> they are not monicals.
3:29 am
they are called glasses. >> i like that word. >> you put the mono in monicals. to leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050 of the still to m could, the half time report 23r* tv's andy levy. >> tonight is sponsored by dog sleding. the winter racing sport most popular in the arctic regions of north america where the dogs pull the sleds across the terrain. thanks, dog sleding.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. what is going on? >> not much. . >> great. >> good. >> thanks for asking. >> romney wins florida. anthony, you say you like romney's statement about "i don't care about the very poor. they have a safety net." he was trying to appeal to the middle class. i agree with that, but it is kind of a problem. he phrases things wrong all of the time and he makes it easy for their opponents whether they are other republicans or democrats to take them out of context. >> i still don't see poor people. >> are you like the opposite of bruce willis. >> well, no, haley joel osmond. it is like a seventh sense. what about the people who work work -- didn't you have like working on your pool and stuff like that? >> i pay them so much and they
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end up being wealthy. >> good for you. that's excellent. america needs more people like you. bernard, you are going with the romney is an electable argument. i agree. he is probably more electable than newt. can a guy this uninspiring -- nobody actually likes romney. >> well, i disagree with that. a lot of people like romney. what is not to like about romney? he is a self-made guy essentially. he is a good looking millionaire. his wife has ms. he didn't ditch her. he is a good man. he contributes 20% of his earnings to charity and to his church. he is a good man. he is like the perfect candidate. what is not to like about mitt romney. >> i agree of the i am not saying he is like a bad guy or unlikeable guy. >> so why are you bugging, sir? >> he just doesn't inspire
3:35 am
anyone. maybe that is okay. maybe you don't have to inspire anyone to get elected. but don't you think maybe that is an issue? >> when he was governor of massachusetts, he displayed a personality that i agree he is hiding fairly well. we had him on. he is funny and charming and he has a personality, but he has to put it out there if he wants to bring mr. i sing al green. you are right. >> are we over playing the whole inspirational thing? calvin coolidge lead by example. >> you know the vice president of chris was not too shabby either. it is a great, great uncle. >> i said maybe you don't have to be inspiring to be elected. i think you might be right about that. when you are running against a guy who at least four years ago was very inspirational to a lot of people, it would be a good quality to have. >> i suppose so.
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>> i don't really care. >> sleep walking through this. >> juliette, you said you think newt's advisors are smart to have him not make concession calls after he loses the primaries. and gingrich says given he was out spent 5-1 he was, quote, very, very delighted with the results. >> then there you go. he wasn't faking it. >> i i will leave it to you whether or not you want to believe in it. >> i believe in minute. i believe in my newt. >> you need the next mrs. mrs. gingrich. >> don't even go there. >> if his nickname is minute -- >> that's not what you want. just lastly, las vegas tv station klas is reporting that donald trump will endorse gingrich later today. >> did snoop dogg and ron
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paul, you said in the picture he posted of ron paul he posted where it says "smoke weed every day" despite the use of quotations, they were unable to attribute it to the texas representative. smoke weed every day is a snoop song. >> i knew that. you know who told me that? bernie goldberg. >> did he really? are you sure he didn't tell you twos a tupac -- tell you it was a tupac song? >> also greg, you mentioned that snoop's semiendorsement is probably because of the pro pot stance which is true. but if i may speak directly to the d-o-double g, gary johnson on his website has a page, and it has the headline gary gets it. then he says, there are 50 million admitted cannibus users. this is your fight. gary needs at least $1 from each of you. he is actively courting pot
3:38 am
smokers. >> that's hard to do. the pot smokers will say, yes, sure, but -- >> there is a reason gary johnson had to switch parties. >> also by the way, again, nothing more boring than stoners talking about weed. >> that's true. if they just stop talking about it it would be legalized. i can't smoke weed. you know what will happen. >> no, i don't. >> it is medicinal. >> what the hell was that? >> well, let me tell you. >> they are rolling papers for tobacco. >> they are not mine, by the way. >>- q. i she just found them in her purse. -- -- >> she just found them in her purse. >> and that is asprin powder in her pouch. >> where are we right now? >> juliette, you pointed out that if the economy improves
3:39 am
it will go up and that is a longtime. the polls show obama now at 46% approval rate which is up from 41% in november. he is tracking us. >> you are proving my . point. a couple last things. bill, you said you saw a poll saying if the election was held today was it 73% who said today is not election day? >> yes, that's probably wrong. a lot of people don't know when election day. >> the rest were stoners trying to vote for ron paul today. >> that gives me an idea. andy? >> yes jie. what about a massive movie called "election day" and it involves all of these well-known stars like ashton kutcher and rachel mcadams and just major stars, and they are all going to vote at different places, and then they kris cross their love lives. >> it is a sequel to "new year's day." but it is called "election day." >> valentine's day and then
3:40 am
new year's day and election day. i like it. >> me too. we should go to hollywood. >> you will get a lot of vivid video fans going to that. >> i was just in hollywood. your timing is awful. i could have taken meetings. >> instead you took something else. >> that is really none of america's business. i am done. coming up, donald trump is dead set against voting for obama. can you blame him? but first, did wiener use the campaign funds to cover his buns? we report. >> guests on "red eye" will receive a guided tour of central park with the action brothers. they have been training together for over 15 years. their mission is to show you a good time every time.
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so, would you give up romps in the sack to get creditors off your back? many americans would apparently. a national survey asks what would you give up in exchange for having someone else pay your bills for a month? 18% said they would give up sex for six months. that's like one in five actually. 23% said they would skip tv for a month. 21% would give up digital devices including cell phones for a month. 14% would give up the internet for a month. and 100% said bill schulz sucks. the people have spoken. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning rooooouuuuunnnnndddd. lightning round. >> anthony, doesn't it say more about the quality of sex partners these people have than the size of their bills? >> exactly. what percent was that? >> that's 25.
3:45 am
>> 25%. well, there are people not having sex for longer than six months. >> i don't know. it is always -- they always try to pit things against sex. sex is great. isn't it? >> in a way it is like a hate crime against sex. >> sex rules. also a good slogan. >> is the sex just not that important? >> well, it all depends on where you are in your life at that particular time. if you are getting busy and you are having the best time of your life with who ever it is for a certain period of months, you are not giving that crap up. if you are in a drought for a year, you are like, yeah, absolutely i will give it up. it is all relative. by the way, it is the exact opposite of prostitution. would you have sex if i paid your bills? i don't know. >> juliette, would you give up sex for a free month worth of bills? >> well, so i am not having
3:46 am
any right now, so, yes. >> so you are not paying your bills? >> no, i am not having sex. wasn't that clear? so, yes, i would be fine going another month. it would be fantastic. >> check is in the mail. >> we need different categories forgiving up internet and giving up sex. isn't that the same thing? >> for me it is. bill you don't own a tv or cell phone and you have never had sex, so it would be an easy trade for you. >> that's not true. i realize everyone knows this is a hypothetical survey, but for me it is too real. many girls promised to pay my gills in return for not having sex with them of the that's why they call me the reverse jig low. it is not a position, people. stick around, we have more stories.
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according to recently filed papers anthony wiener spent money last year to find the person he claimed at the time had hacked his twitter account. according to the new york
3:51 am
daily news the funds were paid while wiener was pretending somebody else sent the now famous crotch shot. that's impressive he went to this length, no pun intended, and it actually wasn't that long -- >> don't hate. hatin is bad. >> i kind of love him he went this far with the illusion. >> listen, i love me some anthony wiener. i miss the guy. yes he is a putz, but he was like newt gingrich. he gave us good tv toeder. he was great, but he was colorful, a bit of a weasel. he was a passionate guy. what did he do? he was not in the white house sexually assaulting an intern. >> cheating on his wife, that's all. >> i know, but it wasn't what bill clinton did. it didn't rise to that level. and yet bill clinton is a great states man and anthony wiener is a pervert. >> a picture is worth a thousand words, andy. you were the first to say
3:52 am
that. and you were involved in the scandal because you exposed wiener's crotch shot on your radio show. do you feel like you broke this story? or do you feel you ended it? >> i think we pretty much ended it. it was nice to be able to use my journalistic integrity to steel someone else's photo. >> remember, it was brightbart that anthony had the picture taken. you were like woodward and better bernstein rolled together. >> woody and bernstein. >> oh yes, woody and bernstein. juliette, do you think the firm took the money anyway even though they knew he was lying? >> firm -- he said firm. yes. i mean if you ever meet anthony wiener as many of us have run across him in the green room, he is just that. a wiener.
3:53 am
he probably suspected it this was a ruse. i would have i can tayen the money too. i would have i can tayen the money too. >> would you ever released the photos he sent to you? >> funny you mentioned that. i have the not through one source sort of kind of blurry, i have the real deal in my phone. i am starting to think i have to get rid of that. the minute i lose my phone. actually if they do think it is mine, that's an up shoot. that's good advertisement. >> do i have time for the story? there is a laboratory in new mexico that invented a bullet that could hit targets up to a mile away. it uses some kind of guidance system. in the future, it will shoot people by following a little red dot. i want to go to you, anthony. >> i have it. >> you have it some. >> i wish. does this take all of the fun out of borrowing a gun if it finds the target for you? >> you could go back to the regular guns.
3:54 am
but to have something like that? >> anything deadly is good because it ends confrontations faster, correct? >> you could look at it that way, sure. >> do you disagree with me? excited by this technology? >> i thought it was related to the anthony wiener story. >> no, his aim was bad. >> anthony wiener is a three-way story. that's really what hurt him is the three-way with guys. this story is thrilling. i'm glad we can shoot a bullet and kill somebody a mile away. god bless america, it is wonderful. >> you get lost walking home a lot. if you have this gun you can aim it at your roommate and then walk home following the bullet. >> this is going to seriously affect the awesome movies like mark wallburg or sniper featuring bear rine yes, sir
3:55 am
and billy zane. >> what comes around goes around. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. go to fox news .com/red eye.
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i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." tomorrow, return appearances from fox business network reporter adam shapiro, jedediah bila and kevin williamson. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up jie. anthony, anything exciting going on in the old radio show? >> well, andy, let me tell you, today a snooki from "the jersey shore" was on and she confirmed she was not pregnant, right there on my show. is my award in the mail?
3:59 am
i used to be in construction and i used to build things. i used to make a difference. >> now you let america know things. yes, important things. snookie is not pregnant. >> did she say she is "jest" not pregnant? bernard, how is imus going? >> hanging in there. tomorrow morning -- actually in a couple hours, the imus show on fox business. he calls newt gingrich skunk vomit and a lot more of that coming up. >> juliette, how is "owe -- o'reilly" going? >> it is going. i am in on saturdays and so tune in. >> i want to feel it. >> did you see that? did you see that? >> doesn't work? thank you for asking. >> back to you,


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